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Atherton, Campbell, Carmel, Cupertino, Fremont, Gilroy, Hayward, Livermore, Los Altos, Los Altos Hills, Los Gatos, Monterey, Morgan Hill, Mountain View, Oakland, Palo Alto, Portola Valley, Pleasanton, Redwood City, San Francisco, San Jose, San Carlos, San Mateo, Santa Clara, Santa Cruz, Saratoga, Scotts Valley, Sunnyvale, Walnut Creek and everything in between.

Frequently Asked Questions Do you offer installation? Yes, on put and take product like ranges under $1000 and refrigerators under $3000, laundry on ground floor, we have our own employees do these. Heavier, more expensive ranges and refrigerators, as well as any built in product we have several licensed installers that we have worked with for many years to do the job. Some are more adept at cabinet work, electrical, and have contractors licenses, others do more simple projects like a dishwasher, microwave hood, slide in range, etc. We base our recommendation depending on what type of service we believe you need. [ CLOSE ] What brands do you carry? We carry over 60 major appliance brands. In our current global economy there are many new brands entering the market. We scrutinize these brands depending on quality, performance, if we have a relationship with the distributor/manufacturer, and can we rely on their service provider. We do this to not only protect ourselves but our customers. [ CLOSE ] Should I buy an extended warranty? An extended warranty is like an insurance policy. You do not buy one because you expect to die, you buy one to protect yourself from expenses that may occur because of an unfortunate incident. First, find out how long the manufacturers warranty runs and what it covers. Some only last 1 year parts and labor, these should be the ones to look at first. If the unit has 5 or more years and covers the major component then these should be left to think about. It only takes about one service call to break even on what you paid so ask the salesperson for their recommendation. An example: probably is not wise to pay $149.00 for a microwave that cost $139.00. [ CLOSE ] Do you do service? We do not do any repairs of appliances. Most independents in the northern California market rely on either the independent channel or factory service. We keep an up to date service list on who does what service in the 5 counties we sell to. If any of those companies fail to perform to our satisfaction we take them off the list. If we have a brand that suddenly turns into a problem because the service network fails, we drop the brand until they can get back on board with a reliable service company. [ CLOSE ] Do you give Contractor pricing? Simply, Yes. If you are involved in a kitchen makeover/remodel we give you our most aggressive pricing. This pricing is not based on how much you are buying. Some of our contractors only need a range hood or dishwasher. We want to make sure that since they are contractors and doing repeat business they get the best available pricing. We try to keep our everyday prices competitive with those businesses that advertise regularly. [ CLOSE ] What is Unilateral Minimum Retail Price? Unilateral Minimum Retail Price (UMRP) is pricing set by the manufacturer that we cannot sell below. We have made an agreement that if we create fine displays, train our sales staff, and promote their product they will allow us to make a couple percent more on a sale than non UMRP product. The agreement also states that if violated one is no longer a dealer. You find this type of program with Bose, Louis Vutton, Rolex, and others. It allows dealers like us to make better displays and provide a better selling environment than a dealer who cuts the front off a box, has no product knowledge, and sells on price only because there is no investment in a showroom or sales people. [ CLOSE ] Do you match internet pricing? No promises here, as there continues to be a tremendous amount of fraud on the internet. However, if you provide us a legitimate quote from an internet seller, we will review it and determine if we can match it.

Manufacturers and distributors do not condone shipping product out of the dealer's immediate area because it hurts not only the dealer but the distributors well. More importantly, often times the Internet dealer does not always come clean about what can or cannot be provided to you until you give them your address. By that time you may find you have wasted a great deal of time.

Another big concern is service and damage. We have had situations where someone in the Lake Tahoe area, for instance, gets a kitchen and there is a slight boo boo. We cannot run out there and try to provide a remedy, but in the greater Bay Area it can be done within a day.

Another example might be you purchased from a dealer in New York and now you have a problem. Due to the distance, you have no real relationship and they have your money.This dealer does not have a service provider established and should you accept a product that turns out to be damaged, YOU must file a claim with the shipper, not the seller. These claims can take 3-6 months to settle, often times ending in some type of litigation. These types of situations can lead to expensive court costs. It is a lose, lose situation. The worst part is you are left hanging with an incomplete kitchen just because you wanted to save the sales tax-NOT WORTH IT!!! [ CLOSE ]
Do you offer installation? Yes we do! For heavier more expensive appliances, we have several licensed installers that we have worked with for years that we can recommend. [ CLOSE ] Where do we deliver? Most of the Bay Area but take a look at our delivery area map. [ CLOSE ]
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